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Give your team more skills by focusing on knowledge retention and operational excellence.
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Capture and share expert knowledge in real time

Ario combines the power of scalable web and mobile technologies with augmented reality. We provide you with tools to easily capture and distribute expert knowledge across all levels of your organization. By bringing spatial awareness to your data, we reduce human error, downtime and boost confidence.
Increase Knowledge Retention
  • Deliver 3D models
  • Publish videos
  • Deploy process documentation
  • Rapidly build and publish step-by-step workflows
  • All powered by augmented reality
Reduce Human Error
  • Access just-in-time training in the field
  • Validate and verify team processes
  • Track analytics of processes
  • Iteratively deploy documentation at scale
Boost Operational Excellence
  • Increase team confidence
  • Empower your team to make strong decisions
  • Encourage optimal processes and procedures
  • Receive feedback from your team

Improve knowledge retention

  • Deliver 3D/AR models, images, videos, documents & sensor data
  • Deploy process documentation easily
  • Build and publish step-by-step workflows rapidly
  • Powered by augmented reality

Reduce human error & downtime

  • Access real-time training in the field
  • Validate and verify team processes
  • Track analytics of processes
  • Continually deploy documentation at scale

Boost operational excellence

  • Increase team confidence by delivering expert knowledge in real-time
  • Enable team to make resourceful decisions
  • Encourage optimal processes and procedures
  • Collect feedback from team

Meet Ario

We help you make the digitally connected workforce a reality.
Mobile Accessibility

Mobile Publishing in Minutes

Create and access documentation easily with the Ario mobile app empowering your team with knowledge at their fingertips.

Real-Time Problem Solving

Augmented Reality Video Calling

Via calling, provide guidance with augmented reality to increase situational awareness instantly.

Drag and Drop Documentation

Create and Share Documentation Easily

Publish documentation and processes to your workforces swiftly and gain immediate insights from the front line.

  • Drag-and-drop
  • Videos, documents, images, and 3D/AR models
  • Integrate IoT Data

Our quick set-up takes hours, not months.

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