A bold vision for the future of work

We founded Ario to bridge humanity and technology. By creating simple but powerful augmented reality tools, we’ve revolutionized the way we share knowledge at the industrial frontline.

Knowledge is lost too easily. As more workers retire than ever before, they take decades of expertise with them. This massive exit leaves companies scrambling to upskill a younger generation who have entirely different aptitudes and expectations. To stay ahead of the competition, these companies can’t lose a second of productivity to outdated training, downtime delays, or lost resources.

That younger generation was us. When we left college and began working at our very first jobs, we were eager to learn from experts and tear through resources for answers. What we found instead were knowledge-sharing barriers. There was no easy way to transfer skills between teammates, and information was buried in clunky content management systems or lost forever.

Knowledge can’t just walk out the door as experts retire. We need to preserve veteran workers’ integrity and intelligence. We need to make companies resilient to turnover, change, and an uncertain future.

That’s why we founded Ario. To build tools that empower frontline workers with knowledge and confidence. 

Frontline workers are essential. They are modern craftspeople honing highly specialized skills. Not only do our day-to-day lives rely on their steadfast work, technological revolutions don’t happen without them. They know what new technology or digital transformation will survive past what’s trending long before thought-leaders know because they’re the people who put it into practice day in, day out. 

We believe industrial technology must be designed first and foremost for the frontline workforce. By creating easy-to-use, knowledge-sharing products that use augmented reality, we provide information when, where and how it’s needed most. Our simple tools remove giant barriers and enable people to achieve their work goals with self-assurance and pride. 

By designing intuitive tools for anyone, we make everything possible at work.

We’re a team of infinitely curious makers that chase discovery and encourage each other to strive for mastery in everything we do. Ario is part of a curated co-working community (Assembly) where creatives and tech professionals work alongside each other every day. Our office is headquartered in downtown Norfolk, Virginia, a historic city on the Elizabeth River, and is walking distance of a wide array of local eateries, boutiques, and community centers.