What We’re Reading: April in Review

We know that you are just dying to hear what we’re reading. Probably not, but we will over share anyway. This past month, we’ve discovered some compelling stories on the Internet and compiled our favorite April reads (and products). Although the coronavirus seems to permeate every subject, we saw fascinating new tech products completely unrelated to COVID-19 and interesting tech developments charging through the pandemic.

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Get To Know Us! Meet Senior Android Developer Robert Chrzanowski

Get to know the Ario team. Next up, we have Robert Chrzanowski, our Senior Android Developer. He's a big Texas Pete fan and our resident Bayesian statistics guru. Find out more about this robotics connoisseur as he answers his 10 non-work related questions.

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When Wine Labels Come Alive

In this series, we're walking through some of the best AR experiences we can find no matter the industry. We covered home improvement in our last article, but are moving on to wine this time around. With everyone stuck at home, we could all certainly use some entertainment—so we've ranked our top six AR wine labels, plus a few honorable mentions.

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Get To Know Us! Meet Creative Director, Jacob Galito

Get to know the Ario team - starting with our 3D modeling, graphic design slaying, movie-loving Creative Director. He's answered 10 non-work-related questions, telling you more about himself than just his favorite hex code.

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16 Podcast Recommendations from a Senior iOS Developer

Senior iOS developer, Brett Keck, shares his favorite podcasts and dives into why he’s hooked on them. With over 4,000 episodes across the 16 podcasts with themes ranging from Star Wars to trivia to improv comedy and tech - there's certainly plenty to choose from.

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A Green Office Challenge: Ruminations Post-Distributech

The theme of Distributech this year was clean energy and decreasing the utility industry’s carbon footprint. A few Ario team members attended the conference in San Antonio, Texas, to show off our platform and observe innovations in electricity transmission and distribution, particularly those advancements addressing climate change. The trip allowed us to reflect on our energy consumption at Ario and how we reduce our carbon footprint.

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