Get to Know Us! Meet DevOps Engineer Blaine Price

A 20oz. plastic bottle of cherry coke takes Blaine Price right back to the summer of 1994. Learn more about our DevOps engineer right here as he answers some intriguing questions.

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Get to Know Us! Meet Marketing Coordinator Michelle Ross

Did you know that our marketing coordinator, Michelle Ross, also writes fiction and knows how to make paper from scratch? To find out what she thinks wastes the most time in her life and other interesting tidbits, take a look at the next post in our meet the team series.

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Get to Know Us! Meet Junior QA Engineer Adam Becerra

Did you know our junior QA engineer, Adam Becerra, has a podcast and YouTube channel? Here are a few fun facts about Adam...for example, he tries to never order the same food off the menu twice and is "practically obsessed" with Tesla.

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Get To Know Us! Meet Senior Web Developer Eric Hedden

Eric Hedden loves mindfulness meditation and woodworking. He designed his first computer animation when he was five on an Amiga 1000, happens to live one mile from the first house he’s ever lived in, and has performed songs at cathedrals in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Italy.

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Get To Know Us! Meet Senior iOS Developer Raj Sathianarayanan

Get to know the Ario team. Next up, Raj Sathianarayanan who we recruited from Boston and convinced to move on down to Norfolk, Virginia, for some warmer weather and beach vibes. Raj has visited over 20 countries (goal is 50!) and is mixed handed.

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Ario’s Working Playlists

We meant to issue this in a press release, but we were busy curating our playlists. Ario would like to announce ten new accidental hires. They were originally hired for ops or design or bizdev, but are transitioning to the roles of disc jockeys. With this new responsibility, they will be wearing ironic trucker hats, swapping out their keyboards for turntables, and reporting to the CMO (Chief Music Officer). They will not actually be doing any of these things, because we’re joking. In all seriousness, we did put together our working playlists, so if you’re looking for something new to listen to, we’ve got you covered.

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