Podcast Feature: Ario CEO, Joe Weaver, Talks Knowledge-Sharing for Supply Chain

Our co-founder and CEO, Joe Weaver, talks about Ario’s knowledge-sharing platform on the podcast Automating the Chain. Listen to the show for yourself to see how we can help you streamline operations and boost productivity.

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4 Ways to Shake up Your Company’s Vacation & Travel Practices for the Better

Revamp your vacation policies and travel practices rulebook to improve employee retention rates. Read how travel and time-off can strengthen your team in part 3 of our blog series “Retain Your Manufacturing Workers With These 7 Modern Benefits.”

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7 Family Benefits & Perks to Retain Working Parents

We’re kicking off a new blog series: “Retain Your Manufacturing Workers With These 7 Modern Benefits.” Up first, we’re looking at family benefits and perks you can offer to make your company more competitive in the labor market. Happy parents statistically means higher productivity.

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4 Ways To Go About Hiring Unskilled Workers

Sometimes manufacturers have no choice but to hire unskilled labor, but how do you go about looking for the right candidates who’ve got potential? And once you’ve got new recruits, how do you train them? We’ve got four realistic strategies for you.

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7 Unexpected Workers That Manufacturers Can Hire to Kick the Labor Shortage

What if we told you there are thousands of workers looking for the kind of jobs you offer? They want work that’s not only reliable but offers a career path, exactly what manufacturing provides. Where can you find all these great workers? Take a look at our list of 7 unexpected types of workers you can hire to kick the labor shortage.

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