When the Stage Is Gone: Online Talk Tips

Quick tips to help you command the screen, not the stage. Public speaking is a whole new ballgame now that most talks have moved online. Conferences, summits, expos, trade shows, seminars, workshops, you name it, are all now located on your laptop. That means the speaker, the person inside the screen, the person that could be you, needs to also adapt.

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A Beer & Tech Pairing Guide: Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality Series

The tournament is back. In this round of AR vs. VR, we’re hopping into the beer industry. Although breweries’ attempts to blend augmented reality (AR) into their labeling/packaging pale in comparison to wineries, they have really pulled into the virtual reality (VR) space with some crafty experiences. In this batch, we’re looking at the different ways breweries use immersive reality. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beer holder, so try some of these experiences for yourselves.

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Dev for the Nondev

Developers are everywhere. Your life wouldn’t be what it is today without their fingerprints on a software system you take for granted. You wake up to an alarm on your phone. Dev. You find your podcast app and play the morning news while you dress. Dev. How do they do it? If you’re a nondev and are never planning to be a dev, we’ve broken down the steps to their creative process in a quick, digestible way.

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Dev Jargon Crossword Puzzle

Are you a developer pro? How about a connoisseur of crosswords? Try and complete our dev jargon puzzle without scrolling down for the answers.

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Bringing Back Baby Boomers

Many baby boomers do not want to retire when they turn 65. Pushing out baby boomers means pushing out years of expertise and acquired knowledge. While younger workers are typically cheaper and less susceptible to illness, they have underdeveloped skills. There’s a way to avoid this conundrum by bringing boomers back into the workforce with different roles.

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Pioneering Moments Series: How 3D Modeling Met Disney

3D Modeling has been adopted by many industries from architecture to product design, but one industry embraced it early on to tell stories: film. We’ve recounted the history of how 3D modeling found its way into movies, from Pixar to the Disney empire.

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