We're Offering Ario Connect for Free & Here's Why

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To say this is an unprecedented time in our collective history is an understatement. In late 2019, if someone had told you how the Coronavirus (COVID-19) would turn our world upside down by March 2020 - you likely would have shrugged them off, ignored their warnings, and continued on with your day - and honestly, no one would have blamed you. 

As every individual, family, and business - small or large - works to navigate this new reality, it’s more important than ever that we come together as a broader community, lend a helping hand where we can, and do our best to be kind to one another. Not only are people sick, many have lost their jobs, and those who are fortunate enough to still be employed  may have been thrust into remote work while they were oftentimes unprepared. 

At Ario, we’ve been lucky. Our small but mighty team has adapted fairly seamlessly to the new reality of being apart. We packed up our laptops, VR goggles, and monitors to head to the safety of our homes with the promise of frequent Zoom calls and Slack messages - but we realize that not everyone has been so fortunate; and honestly, as a tech startup, we could have easily been facing an entirely different situation once the economy turned south. 

So with that at the forefront of our minds, we knew we had to do something to help where we could, which is why, for 90 days, we’ve decided to offer Ario Connect for free to anyone and everyone who thinks it could be helpful for their business.

We hope by July, this crisis will be over and life will look a bit more familiar - and if it doesn’t, we plan to extend this offer until the tides have shifted in a more positive direction. 

Haven’t heard of Ario Connect before? That’s okay. We’ll tell you about it. 

Our app allows teammates to easily video call one another, share expert advice, and offer timely and topical guidance through the use of augmented reality tools. Our hope is that teams use it to keep their workflows going no matter where everyone may be physically located. By overlaying augmented reality tools on top of what are often complicated processes and procedures, it suddenly doesn’t feel like your team is so far away or the complicated instructions are as hard to understand. Whoever you call can clearly see what you’re working on and drop various AR icons into your field of view to help guide you through the process. Considering more of us are home than ever before - this is a welcome relief.

At the end of the day - this storm will pass, and we will go back to something that resembles the normal life we knew at the end of 2019, but until that happens, Ario wants to do what we can to make these dark times feel a little less overwhelming and lend a helping hand (or AR vector) where we can. We’re serious when we say this is completely free. There’s no obligation to purchase this software in the future - so if you think Ario Connect is something that could help your team be more efficient, communicate more clearly, and keep the ball rolling, then click here to get started. 

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