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Dev Jargon Crossword Puzzle

Michelle Ross

Since developers have pretty easy jobs and never engage in problem solving, it’s in their best interest to exercise their brain muscles. To simply abandon them unsupervised at a computer is a terrible error that could result in serious unproductivity as the developers’ brains shrink due to the unimportant, simplistic and repetitive nature of punching meaningless buttons on a keyboard to look busy.

In a surprise phenomenon, this lack of mental agility prompted them to dumb down their language into slang. A string of words became much too complex, and a reliance on acronyms emerged. For example, Application Program Interface became API. In other cases, entirely wrong words began to be used. When mistakes or typos in coding disrupted application functionality, these developers thought insects had lodged themselves into their coding to cause a jam, dubbing this problem “bugs.” 

We kid, of course. Developers have critical and difficult jobs. At Ario, our motto is to share knowledge, so we've developed a mental exercise for aspiring developers, or for the experts, a fun brain teaser. Please enjoy our complimentary crossword puzzle.


2. __ design can be boiled down to “Hooked on a feeling” by Blue Swede & Bjorn Skiffs. (See 16 for hint.)

4. A mini burger. Also a carousel of images on a web page.

5. What babies and search engines do in common.

6. Mailing address but for websites, not homes.

13. Something sweet. Tracks your activity on the Internet and tells the browser.

14. Cheeky spelled wrong. (Mailchimp. Slack. Dropbox. Ario.)

16. __ design can be boiled down to “The way you look tonight” by Frank Sinatra. (See 2 for hint.)

19. If a website were a house, the abridged blueprint.

20. “Bow, shoe, draw, and heart can be compound words with which word? Also, the text inside this quote.”

21. Sending off your code for six-months or more overseas.

23. A life saving device or a decimal value.

24. Back of house for cooks. Behind the scenes for theater crew. _____ for coders.

26. Outline for a website.

27. The most boring name for a language. Website speak.


1. The last in line goes last.

3. Strawberry “First Name” Forever.

4. That last in line goes first.

7. In coding, blocks that do one thing or do something not that thing. Hyphenated.

8. Roadblock on the internet.

9. The main island of Indonesia + actors’ lines

10. Is either true or false.

11. So the Internet doesn’t burn up your network.

12. Not money, but what makes load times faster for returning guests on a web page.

15. Little apps that never turn off.

17. A condition when a family member, friend or piece of software relies heavily on another for support and identity.

18. Usain Bolt and scrum developers do this.

22. Codecodecodecodecodecodecodecodeforeverandever.

24. A ready-to-use code.

25. Prat. Or popular type of version control for

tracking changes in code.

FREEZE. Don't scroll further. Answers below...


  1. Queue
  2. UX
  3. Fields
  4. Stack
  5. Crawl
  6. Domain
  7. If-Else
  8. 404
  9. JavaScript
  10. Boolean
  11. Firewall
  12. Cache
  13. Cookies
  14. SAAS
  15. Widgets
  16. UI
  17. Dependency
  18. Sprint
  19. Wireframe
  20. String
  21. Deployment
  22. Loop
  23. Float
  24. Build
  25. Git

If you’d like more literal definitions, please check out our sources!

Whole Whale's Glossary

Medium Post

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