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We sat down with each of our Ario teammates for a serious Q&A session to get to know one another beyond the office space. Our junior QA engineer, Adam Becerra, might be the oldest sibling, but he's the youngest Ario teammate, which always throws him for a loop when our team calls him young. He tries to never order the same food off the menu twice and is learning how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Don't forget to check out his podcast Pr1mo Life and YouTube channel Pr1mo gaming.

What has taken you the longest to get good or decent at?

Actively listening with the intent to understand. Inside I want to be understood, but I’m constantly pushing myself to understand others more. It's work, but it’s how I want other people to behave with me. 

What does your perfect breakfast look like?

My perfect breakfast is hearty and savory. Nothing that is pretty much just a dessert in disguise. Anything made from a potato paired with a protein and some fresh juice, and I’m happy. 

If you could choose your dreams, what would you prefer to dream about?

I would travel time and space. I’d explore before my time and peek into the future, too. I love sci-fi as a genre, because it pushes us to imagine something bigger than us; almost everything is. 

What do you rebel against?

Higher education. Much like large corporations, it's too slow and always seems to lag behind the real world. I'm passionate about real-time, experience-based learning, and I think that's the direction universities need to go.

What wastes the most time in your day to day life?

I guarantee no one else will have this answer, but I've gotta say TikTok. This platform is the perfect attention-getter, and I love it. I’m disciplined with it, but I’m excited to see how it grows. Try it, I dare you.

What weird thing do you have nostalgia for?

Early to mid-1900s music, fashion and decor. I’d love for AR to get to a point where we could all experience our personal living spaces (or even the world) through our own filter. Mine would be “Mid-Century”.

If you were featured on the local news, what would you most likely be on there for?

“Virginia Beach local returns from Mars”

What do you wish your phone could do?

Hold a conversation. We’re in the infancy of digital assistants, but one day, they might be able to emotionally connect with us like we connect with each other. 

What big problem do you think technology will solve next?

Car accidents. Anyone who spends some time with me knows I’m practically obsessed with Tesla and their mission. We are so close to living in a world where car accidents due to human error is entirely preventable. 

What weird quirks did you pick up from your parents?

I ask people if they “wanna” do something when I’m clearly asking them to do something (generally unpleasant). It’s subtle, but it throws a lot of people off, and I try to avoid it when I’m conscious of it. For example, “do you wanna do the dishes?” No, no one “wants” to do that. All my siblings use this phrase.

*Questions sourced from Conversation Starters World

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