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We sat down with each of our Ario teammates for a serious Q&A session to get to know one another beyond the office space. Our marketing coordinator, Michelle Ross, is also a fiction writer and printmaker. For the past couple years, she’s been fixing up a craftsman bungalow from 1922 and finishing up a writing project. One day, she hopes to cook without a recipe and play the ukulele without making her dog cry.

What scene in a movie always gives you goosebumps every time you watch it?

In Bridget Jones’s Diary, when Daniel Cleaver and Mark Darcy fist-fight over Bridget. Daniel thinks that he has won and tells Bridget, “If I can't make it with you, I can't make it with anyone.” We think Bridget is going to say something like okay, I love you, too, but instead, she says, “That's not a good enough offer for me. I'm not willing to gamble my whole life on someone who's not quite sure.”

Where do you feel the most present?

Whenever my dog is looking at me, because his big brown eyes are so full of need and love. The world stops, and I realize life is actually very simple. It’s all about love. He’s been with me through college, unemployment, breakups and the death of loved ones. Everyone tells me that when I have kids, I will forget about the dog, but I won’t let that happen. 

What has taken you the longest to get good or decent at?

Everything. My mind is melodramatic, and I think everything has been a long and arduous and wisdom-fostering process, even if it’s been five minutes. Like trying to find a ripe avocado when three other shoppers are also squeezing the avocados, and it’s a race, and I’m debilitated with panic double-thinking my choices that I’ve selected, but in the end, I feel like I did well.

What subjects should be taught in school but aren’t?

For the core curriculum, practical and vocational skills: basic electrical in the home, basic automotive knowledge, basic cooking, how to manage your finances, how to manage your stress levels, how to have healthy relationships with other humans.

What wastes the most time in your day to day life?

My iPhone. If I hide it, then suddenly the amount of time that resurfaces is magical. The distractions are gone, the codependent need to over-communicate with people is tempered, and the amount of decisions, little or big, that I have to make immediately are diminished exponentially. I have an iPhone timeout box.

What do you resent paying for most?

Parking passes for my street. I don’t have a driveway, so I have to buy monthly passes for my friends who visit me, and then my friend’s drive off with those parking passes. I never see those passes again and have to return to the city parking office to repeat the absurdly long process to apply for guest parking permits.

What’s the best or worst prank you’ve played on someone?

My friend and I sprayed a fire extinguisher on our party guests. It ended the party and destroyed our apartment. 

What weird thing do you have nostalgia for?

I have nostalgia for time periods that I’ve never lived through so how can I miss it? I’m a 90s baby but identify with the 80s: Jane Fonda exercises, mullets on action-film stars, Phil Collins when I’m feeling romantic, Princess Diana’s wardrobe, feeling like “Live Aid” solved world peace for a split second.

If you were featured on the local news, what would you most likely be on there for?

Neighbors call psychiatric services on indecisive woman who keeps painting house different colors.

What weird quirks did you pick up from your parents?

All of their quirks, so I feel like I have double the quirks of any normal person. Sometimes, I have yellow food night on Tuesdays: macaroni, cornbread, yellow vegetable medley, lemonade. Extreme self-sufficiency is a big thing in my family as well...which means building/renovating your own house, sewing your own fabric products and crawling under your house to collect the dead racoon instead of paying someone.

*We sourced our questions from here.

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