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Get To Know Us! Meet Senior Android Developer Robert Chrzanowski

Michelle Ross

We sat down with each of our Ario teammates for a serious Q&A session to get to know one another beyond the office space. Here are a few fun facts about our android developer and robotics connoisseur Robert Chrzanowski.

What subjects should be taught in school but aren’t?

Schools should teach how to apply Bayesian statistics when reading the news. The more novel a news story, the more we should require evidence and facts that support the story.

What does your perfect breakfast look like?

The perfect breakfast is a ham, cheese, onion, and pepper omelette with Texas Pete on top and a side of hash and ketchup.

If you could choose your dreams, what would you prefer to dream about?

I prefer not to dream and just get deep sleep so that I’m well rested.

When is the most interesting period in history?

Whatever period of history you’re in is the most interesting since you get to make it.

What do you rebel against?

I rebel against those who systematically oppress others. All systems of control can be used to oppress others. Finding ways to reduce abuse of these systems should be our goal.

What do you resent paying for most?

I don’t want to pay for healthcare out of pocket. Healthcare for all!

What weird thing do you have nostalgia for?

I miss when people got their news from editorialized sources. The up to minute news cycle has paved the way for deniability of the facts. If we as a society cannot agree on the facts, we will never agree on what is best for us as a whole.

If you were featured on the local news, what would you most likely be on there for?

I’d probably be on TV because of a hackathon or robot building competition. I live a pretty boring life, mostly toying with code and a bit of robotics.

What big problem do you think technology will solve next?

I think about how our generation will be remembered by history 100 years from now, and I believe it will be based on how much we do to curb climate change due to human activity. Renewable energy is what we should be investing heavily in. It’s not just good for the planet, it will employ more people to install and maintain which is good for the economy. There really is no reason not to.

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