How Failing as a Musician Made me a Stronger Co-Founder

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Prior to co-founding Ario I worked at a handful of digital agencies where I got my first taste of project management. I’ve had the privilege of spending time at some of the best agencies in Eastern Virginia including: Grow, Sway and Ciniva. At each stop I learned something new about what it means to work with clients on projects of varying sizes and complexity.

At Sway, I learned what it felt like to be the only producer at an expanding agency; at Grow, I experienced the adrenaline rush of working with a larger team as a contracted junior producer on Google’s Art, Copy & Code initiative for their client, Volkswagen, where we created SmileDrive; and at Ciniva, I would experience the ebb and flow of working with a large government agency to relaunch the Port of Oakland’s website. Each experience has contributed in its own way to how I approach our work at Ario. That said, one unique experience has taught me some of the greatest lessons that I carry with me today: being in a band.

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