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I Drove 11,000 Miles to Participate in a Silicon Valley Accelerator. Was it worth it?

Nate Fender

The Departure

I left Norfolk, Virginia on March 31, 2018 with our Prius packed to the brim. The rest of our team at Ario would remain in Norfolk and I would be working remotely once I made it to Silicon Valley.

With my wife’s “I’ll go, but remember the dogs and the birds are going too” echoing in my mind and an anxious Pomeranian barking in my ear, we headed to the Washington D.C. metro area, where we said our goodbyes to my in-laws.

We then made our way through southwestern Virginia to see my folks and on to Nashville, Memphis, Ft. Smith (Arkansas), Oklahoma City, Amarillo (Texas), Flagstaff (Arizona) and Los Angeles (visiting family) and finally arriving in Los Gatos, California where we would stay for the duration of the the program at Plug and Play Tech Center where Ario was selected for Internet of Things Batch #8.

A few snaps from the road:

Departing our humble office in Norfolk, VA (it's tidy now).
My clean car before I spilled America on it

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