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Podcast Feature: Ario CEO, Joe Weaver, Talks Knowledge-Sharing for Supply Chain

Michelle Ross

Our co-founder and CEO, Joe Weaver, chatted with Tee Ganbold on her podcast Automating the Chain to talk about Ario’s knowledge-sharing platform. Automating the Chain explores the implications of automation and highlights technology pioneering the way. The host, Tee, is an expert at resilient technologies and co-founded the artificial intelligence powered supply chain optimization platform Clear AI. 

In this episode, Joe covers everything from his start in the augmented reality space to what the future of AR could look like. The crux of his discussion is about our AR solution as he explains how Ario helps manufacturing companies transfer knowledge and reduce human error:

“Imagine that I’m a worker, and I walk into an environment. I might not understand how to operate that piece of machinery. I can use my phone to interpret what it’s looking at, identify the piece of equipment, and then overlay instructions on what operations or what buttons to press which makes it a lot easier to understand…it takes out the mental gymnastics…”

Check out the podcast for yourself to see how we can help streamline your operations and boost your team’s productivity.

“Augmented Reality Used to Transfer Knowledge and Reduce Human Error in Manufacturing with Joe Weaver of Ario”

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