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What We’re Reading: April in Review

Michelle Ross

In case you were wondering what Internet gossip we eat up, we’ve compiled our favorite April reads (and products). Naturally, our diet is heavily tech, but we do enjoy llamas in moderation. We’ll let that be a cliffhanger. Happy reading. 

Apple and Google are building a coronavirus tracking system into iOS and Android—The Verge

Apple and Google have partnered together to develop a contact-tracing system using Bluetooth connections, not location tracking. Mobile users can download designated health organization apps to volunteer their location to then be notified if they come in contact with an infected person. Check out the article here.

A Japanese University used remote-controlled robots to hold a virtual graduation—Business Insider

Graduation ceremonies have been canceled across the world due to social distancing, but Tokyo’s Business Breakthrough University used the obstacle to pioneer a modern alternative to host a traditional ceremony. By using Newme robots with tablets showing students’ faces, the school hosted graduation on a Zoom call. Check out the article here.

One nasty side effect of coronavirus: Robots will take our jobs at an even faster rate—Market Watch
Courtesy of MarketWatch

Sure, we’re robotic lovers, but that said, we’ve set out to empower the human workforce...not the computer workforce. This opinion piece warns that the coronavirus pandemic has emphasized the need for immunized workers aka robots and automations. Two industries under job fire are the essential industries and the direct-customer-contact industries. Check out the opinion piece here.

LiDAR: Peek Into The Future With iPad ProHalide
Courtesy of Halide

LiDAR is here. Except Apple debuted the technology on the new iPad instead of the iPhone. LIDAR emits infrared light to detect range (just as radar uses sound), and the depth sensor allows the users to interact seamlessly with AR objects in their physical environment. The AR applications that Apple offers using LIDAR are limited, but we are fascinated by Halide’s proof of concept called Esper that demonstrates LIDAR’s potential. Check out the blog post here.

Mac Pro Wheels KitApple

In case your sedentary laptop was making your life harder, Apple designed a $700 solution: wheels. Forget scooting, sliding, or plain old picking it up. Now your laptop can roll with you. That’s all that needs to be said. Check out these hot wheels here.

What we will put on record, though, is that taping actual Hot Wheels toy cars to the bottom of your laptop is far more economical than Apple wheels, but we can’t promise your laptop’s safety. WARNING: wield wheels at your own risk. 

iPhone SE: A powerful new smartphone in a popular designApple

Apple has released the second interaction of iPhone SE, one of the most popular Apple phones due to its affordability and quality. The new SE runs off the fastest smartphone chip ever created, the A13 bionic, and boasts, yes, the best single-camera system ever created for an iPhone. Key takeaway: it has portrait mode. Considering new iPhones come in at one grand, this $399 SE is a sweet deal. Check out the press release here.

BLK2GOLeica Geosystems

We’re still stuck on LIDAR (Lidar or LiDAR) because we love what it means for AR. BLK260 is a handheld imaging laser scanner that “recreates spaces in 3D as you move. It captures images and dimensionally accurate point clouds in real-time and uses SLAM technology to record your trajectory through space.” FYI, SLAM stands for simultaneous localization and mapping, and the acronym is apropos. It’s wireless, lightweight, chic, and we want one. Don’t check the cost, the price will punch you in the gut. Check out the product here.

Thanks for joining our reading club and internet surfing with us. The opinions in the articles above are not our own, and we certainly aren’t persuading you to purchase any products. This last article share is irrelevant, but we love it anyway: learn how to get a llama on your Zoom call here.

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