Get To Know Us! Meet Senior Web Developer Eric Hedden

Get to know the Ario team. Next up is Eric Hedden who also loves mindfulness meditation and woodworking. He designed his first computer animation when he was five-years-old on an Amiga 1000, happens to live one mile from the first house he’s ever lived in, and has performed songs at cathedrals in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Italy. One cool chap.

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Pioneering Moments Series: How 3D Modeling Met Disney

3D Modeling has been adopted by many industries from architecture to product design, but one industry embraced it early on to tell stories: film. We’ve recounted the history of how 3D modeling found its way into movies, from Pixar to the Disney empire.

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Bringing Back Baby Boomers

Many baby boomers do not want to retire when they turn 65. Pushing out baby boomers means pushing out years of expertise and acquired knowledge. While younger workers are typically cheaper and less susceptible to illness, they have underdeveloped skills. There’s a way to avoid this conundrum by bringing boomers back into the workforce with different roles.

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Face Off: Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality

Learning a new language can be a tedious exercise, and traditional textbook/lecture methods have substantial shortcomings. You can memorize words, spellings, and sentence structures, but great recall doesn’t mean great improv skills. Mondly VR is there for you to practice, and Google Translate is there for you when you can’t.

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Four Industrial Revolutions and Counting

A revolution is a rotation. A replacement. A radical change. So what does that mean in context of the industrial revolutions? We’ve quizzed family and friends on the industrial revolutions and discovered most people can’t remember what the different revolutions signified. There’s no need to go back school, we’ve summarized an abridged history of the four industrial revolutions. Strap in. Time and tech move fast.

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What We’re Reading: April in Review

We know that you are just dying to hear what we’re reading. Probably not, but we will over share anyway. This past month, we’ve discovered some compelling stories on the Internet and compiled our favorite April reads (and products). Although the coronavirus seems to permeate every subject, we saw fascinating new tech products completely unrelated to COVID-19 and interesting tech developments charging through the pandemic.

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Digital Tips to Keep Production Moving When Working Remotely

The transition from working in an office or facility to working from home is always jarring. For the industrial workplace—warehouses, factories, and power plants—the concept of continuing production while working remotely is so absurd it seems like a farce. Fortunately, the digital revolution has provided humanity with several tools to supplement remote work and make this modus operandi highly functional. Here’s a compilation of our thoughts on time management, security, communication, and augmented reality (AR) softwares to help your company maintain operations when working remotely.

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