Ario Connect for Desktop

Ario Connect for Desktop
Version 0.0.32 - This download is for desktop Mac and PC use only. | Learn more about Ario Connect
Visit the iOS App Store or the Android Play Store to download Ario Connect for your mobile device. Visit to download Ario Connect for RealWear.

Version 0.0.32 - Released March 11, 2021

  • If you get a call and Connect is open on multiple devices, the ringing will stop on all devices once you pick up the call
  • When you switch between organizations and groups, things will look different, but better
  • You can now create your account and profile right in the app
  • We’re introducing “Ario Support.” Here, you’ll be able to report bugs, gather FAQs and chat with the Ario community

Version 0.0.31 - Released January 7, 2021

  • Complete redesign of the app that makes it a much more pleasant user experience.
  • The app now works via a web browser at (it is currently only officially supported to work with the latest version of Chrome, but likely works well on other evergreen browsers like Firefox).
  • Desktop now supports Windows, Mac (and offers an Apple Silicon installer to take advantage of Apple's newer Macs), and Linux. Navigating to will automatically start downloading the appropriate installer for whatever operating system you're currently using.
Bug fixes
  • Desktop and web notifications will now alert you when you receive a call.
  • Removed the ability to open multiple instances of the app. Now when you try to open the app multiple times it will simply maximize the currently opened version of the app.
  • Clicking on notifications will maximize the app in the desktop version, or switch to the browser tab in the web version.
  • The Mac installer no longer needs a workaround to get around Apple's App Gatekeeper security prompt.
Known issues that will be addressed in future releases
  • Users might answer a call on one device, and it may keep ringing on another device. Or they may turn on a different device and get a call that was already answered. This can be a pretty bad user experience and we're very focused on fixing this soon.
  • "Online" status indicators can be inaccurate. We're working to make sure they will be very accurate and plan on adding more statuses in the future (so users can set their status to "Away" and such).
  • The remote participant's video dimensions don't always take up the maximum available space on the screen. We're planning on taking advantage of that real estate so technicians can have a better view of what the on-site worker is seeing.
  • The web browser version of the app is almost completely responsive but video calls can be covered up by the models and chat panel. We'll add a nice interface for that so the web version of Connect is completely responsive.

Version 0.0.21

  • When receiving a Call Notification on Desktop, clicking the Notification will answer the call, but it won’t maximize the Connect app if the app is minimized or hidden. For now, the user will need to right click the small Notification Area icon and click “Show” to get into the call.
  • It is currently possible to open multiple instances of Ario Connect Desktop on Windows. This can cause errors and users should make sure to right click on any Ario icons in the Notification Area and select “Quit” before starting a new instance of Ario Connect Desktop.
  • Upon fresh installation of the Connect app, the user will be warned that the developer is not recognized and the app may be unsafe to open. To bypass this error message in Windows the user can click "More info" and then “Open anyway”. On Mac, the user must open the app from the Applications folder by right clicking on the application and clicking “Open” and then clicking “Open” on the warning message that pops up. This process will only need to be done when opening the app for the first time immediately following installation. The error message is a result of Ario Connect’s pending notarization status and will not display in production.
  • The size of the incoming video stream is currently dependent on the connection speed and may sometimes appear small relative to the total available screen real estate of a desktop monitor.