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of power professionals are concerned about an impending talent shortage.

> 50%
> 50%

of the current utility workforce will be eligible to retire in the next 6–8 years.


Replacing a worker can cost up to 2X their annual salary.

When workers retire or leave, they take years of knowledge with them. More than half of the current utility workforce will be eligible for retirement in the next 6-8 years. With the impending turnover tsunami, how can you quickly train new workers before you fall behind?

With Ario, your newest team member can be as effective as your most experienced team member. 

Our augmented reality-enhanced productivity and knowledge-sharing platform makes sure skills and expertise stick around, even when employees don’t.

Train faster and with better knowledge retention

  • Build custom courses for hands-on learning
  • Increase situational awareness when performing complex tasks
  • Bring greater context to safety procedures
  • Train anywhere with high fidelity 3D models of specialized equipment

Put data and information in real-world context

  • Use Pips, AR-powered sticky notes, to put resources in real-world environments
  • Give specific and accurate instructions using augmented reality symbols
  • Transfer knowledge from seasoned to novice workers
  • Record, store and share operational information in real-time

Use-case Showcase: 
Quality assurance documentation made easier

In the Energy and Utilities sector, maintaining equipment and safe work environments is half the battle. That’s why quality assurance documentation happens on a monthly, weekly, sometimes daily basis.
Workers must keep track of the documents and references that tell them the safe and acceptable parameters for all parts of a facility. In such a complex environment with so much at stake, the task can be daunting and take time away from other responsibilities.

Ario simplifies quality assurance. All you need is your phone.

Using Pips, place important information associated with each piece of equipment at the site where it’s needed. Open the Pip and access the information on your phone as you read gauges.

Never forget or lose a document. Key resources are right there, ready to reference, reducing errors and saving time.


Ario Platform

With the Ario app, you can create spatial documentation using augmented reality to share data, information and training with your team when and where it's needed most.

  • Place resources in the real world using AR to strengthen situational awareness
  • Build tasks, checklists and training courses to keep your team on track
  • iOS compatible. No specialized, expensive equipment needed

Ario Connect

Share hands-on expertise remotely with our two-way video calling enhanced with Augmented Reality. Using AR, experts can guide teammates through complicated workflows or help troubleshoot an issue.

  • Place arrows and other guidance symbols in space for clear, live directions
  • Draw over real world environments for flexible communication
  • Chat in-app for loud environments
  • Included with the Ario Platform or licensed separately
  • iOS, Android and Desktop compatible

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